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Molex Solutions for 5G Connectivity

2020-02-23 11:35:41

Molex Solutions for 5G Connectivity

Molex Mirror Mezz Connectors feature footprint-compatible hermaphroditic connectors with stackable mating. These connectors support data speed up to 56Gbps per differential pair for telecommunications, networking, and other applications. Molex Mirror Mezz connectors feature stitched Ball Grid Array (BGA) design rather than insert-molded BGA attachments. These connectors come with an intricately designed terminal structure that provides numerous mechanical strengths and cutting-edge electrical features. Typical applications include servers, networking, storage, and infrastructure.

Molex 2.2-5 RF Connector System is 53% smaller than the 4.3-10 Connector System and is ideal for compact mobile radio applications. These high-frequency connectors feature a robust miniature design for 100 mating cycles. Molex 2.2-5 RF Connectors offer low passive intermodulation (PIM) and an air-dielectric interface that provides superior bandwidth with low insertion loss. Three mating options allow design flexibility without compromising electrical performance.

Molex Optical LumaLink Trace Cable Assemblies are designed to illuminate the entire cable from end to end, making cable mapping easier. These cable assemblies use high-density MPO connectors having a small form factor that support high-density data center applications. The optical trace cable assemblies are helpful during cable upgradation as they can make it easier to know the best way to manage upgrades.

The optical trace cable assemblies feature FlexiBend boot, cable illumination from origin to endpoint, and magnetic power connection for illumination function. Typical applications include routers, servers, storage, system integrators, and switching.

Molex 2.4GHz / 5GHz Flexible Antennas are designed for fast and easy integration into wireless devices at minimal implementation cost. The antennas feature a UFL-type connector and a 100mm or a 150mm micro-coaxial cable for optimum RF performance and easy connectivity. The highly compact, side-fed monopole antennas offer significant space savings while supporting high-performance needs. The 2.4GHz / 5GHz flexible antennas are ideal for consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.

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