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TE 5G Solutions

2020-02-23 11:50:28

Today, TE Connectivity is building a future reality where intelligence will be integrated into infrastructure. Cars will drive themselves, houses will be self-cleaning, agriculture will work sustainably, and electrical grids will respond automatically to fluxes in energy demands. Simply put, we’ll live in a smarter, more connected world. It’s a determined undertaking and getting there will require devices that can operate within a much broader bandwidth at exceptionally higher speeds. Not only will these devices need to be faster and more adaptable, they’ll need to be smaller, lighter, more economical, and superabundant—we foresee billions of connected devices built with more than a trillion sensors. It’s going to be awesome, and it’s going to change everything. But 5G isn’t some far-off dream: we are already designing and building devices to support the increased speed, capacity, and bandwidth of 5G networks.

The next generation of speed is here. TE is leading the industry with a full spectrum of ultra-compact, impossibly powerful solutions for optimizing 5G connectivity. From integrating and expanding the internet of things to re-imagining public transportation, 5G’s faster, safer networks will augment and empower every industry on earth. Billions of people will live in a 5G world within the next decade, and it will take uncompromising, innovative components to set your product apart.

STRADA Whisper Connectors

Transfer data at speeds of 56 Gbps with a roadmap to 112 Gbps—upgrade without costly backplane redesigns.

IMPACT Connectors

This system is available in two designs providing flexibility to optimize for advanced mechanical and electrical performance.

Free Height Connectors

These versatile connectors are useful for downsizing applications that require parallel stacked circuit boards.

Z-PACK Slim UHD High-Speed Connectors

Designed to be among the densest connectors with the smallest possible footprint to free up valuable PCB space.

Z-PACK HM-Zd Plus Connectors

Reduce noise and system crosstalk with this double-ground design.

Mini CT Connectors

Miniature wire-to-board connectors that feature a compact pitch design.


Save more than 20% of PCB real estate compared to the PCI Express Mini Card.


OSFP integrates thermal management directly into the form factor, eliminating the high thermal resistance between the module and the heat sink.


QSFP-DD doubles the density of QSFP and eight differential pairs capable of 50 Gbps each to achieve 400 GbE while allowing existing QSFP modules to be plugged into the same cage.


SFP interconnects support data rates up to 56 Gbps. Many cage configurations offered provide excellent shielding options.

Mini-SAS HD Connectors

Designed to provide next generation speeds for both internal and external applications.

ELCON Mini Power Connectors

Low profile solutions with up to 40 A per contact and positive latch retention for cable-to-PCB applications.


This hot pluggable series is a space saver with slim guide sockets and vented housing for better heat dissipation.

QSFP28 Copper Cables

With 8 differential pairs, these assemblies provide 4 channels at speeds up to 28 Gbps each.


Kevin Smith